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Big Dog Moments…

…they really make you smile!


If you have one now, or have ever had a big dog in your life, you know there are those moments when they are just big babies or big idiots, or both. But they can also bring a bit of chaos if they aren’t trained well and given enough attention. They really are a bit like a kid-size companion, though usually a lot less maintenance!


Big dogs are funny. They sometimes have no sense of space and will happily try to squeeze in where they just won’t fit, so they can be closer to you. They really can be big sooks.


So, what exactly is a big dog?

When we say Big Dogs, we’re talking about breeds like Labradors, Rottweilers, German Shephards, Mastiffs and Greyhounds (of course there are many more). These bigger breeds need a bit more room, generally a bit more exercise and of course a bit more food. But you get a lot back in return. They can be the very best and most loyal companion a person or family can have. Even if you do have to share more of your couch (or bed) with them.


Big dogs fit right in for one big happy family.

It’s always advisable to be extra careful about training and ‘personality fit’ with your family when it comes to any dog, but particularly a big one. But, as a general rule big dogs are great for families. They are built for a bit more rough-and-tumble games than smaller breeds and have the stamina to keep up. Of course, no matter how friendly and docile a big dog may seem, small kids should always be watched around them simply because they are at eye level with the animal and that can sometimes be mistaken as a threat by a dog not used to little children.


A good walk, or run every day will do you both wonders!

Depending on the breed, age and health of a big dog, 30-60 minutes of exercise every day is recommended for big breeds. While some little dogs can (almost) get their exercise following their owner around the house… a big dog needs to get out there and get moving. Even though some big dogs appear to be terribly lazy, a little encouragement will go a long way to better health and a longer life.


The right diet and amount of food to keep them well. 

The biggest mistake people make with big breeds is to over-feed them. If a big dog is overweight it puts more pressure on their hips and other joints, which can lead to arthritis.

A protein based diet is proven to be good for digestion and energy. Applaws It’s All Good large breed complete dry food is 50% protein, zero grain and a combination of fruit, vegetables and natural extracts and combined with the right exercise is a great diet for a happy healthy animal. Of course, every dog is different; a Bull Mastiff will eat more than a Greyhound so it’s best to do your research or seek advice from your vet about the appropriate amount of food for your dog’s size.


Share your happy Big Dog snaps with us to WIN.

We’d love to see some of your Big Dog Moments. Whether it’s cuddled up on the couch with the family, catching a ball, playing with the kids or sleeping in the cat’s basket; we know there’s some great Big Dog Moments to share with your fellow dog lovers and possibly WIN one month of Applaws Large Breed dry food.



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