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    We believe that Applaws is best for your cat or kitten…naturally.

Cats require 41 essential nutrients compared to 37 for dogs.

Nutrient comparison

How Applaws Satisfies Your Cat’s Dietary & Nutrition Requirements


It’s really hard to think of our cats as carnivores! To us they are one of the family, to be cherished and loved. But, a cat is an obligate carnivore which means that he or she must consume animal protein in order to thrive. Obligate carnivores may eat other foods but they must eat meat as the main source of their nutrients.

In fact, cats require 41 essential nutrients (compared to 37 for dogs). Their bodies are designed for hunting on the move, they are quick and agile and as such, this is reflected in their physiology.

A cats body is designed for hunting on the move, they are quick and agile and as such, this is reflected in their physiology.


Protein is an essential nutrient which helps the building of body tissues.

Protein forms the basis for enzymes (substances needed for body function) and is involved in the prevention of disease. The source and quality of the protein in your cat’s diet is therefore really important.

Dietary protein can be supplied from either plant or animal sources. As their intestine is much shorter than… that of a dog, cats are comparatively less able to digest plant material so animal protein provides the optimum source for your cat.

“A deficiency in any of the amino acids could lead to cause health issues.”

Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein–Cats require 22 Amino Acids.

Cats can synthesize 11of these amino acids; the remaining ones – essential amino acids – must be consumed as part of diet.

Essential amino acids for cats include: taurine, arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine…

Cats have higher requirements for proteins and amino acids than dogs. Cats break down protein very rapidly and are unable to adapt when dietary supplies are low by reducing the rate of breakdown.

What is the difference between a “Complete” food and a “Complementary” food?

A complete diet such as Applaws complete dry pet food contains all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs for a healthy diet. A complementary pet food is designed to be fed in addition to a complete pet food. Our complementary recipes contain real meat or fish which provides your pet with natural levels of taurine to help keep your pet healthy when fed alongside a complete food. For cats we recommend giving a complementary wet meal in the morning and in the evening. In addition, give your cat a bowl of Applaws complete cat food during the day and in the evening. When feeding a complementary diet and a complete food as part of daily feeding regime you have a healthy balanced diet. We recommend a ratio of 60% wet complementary food to 40% dry complete food for balanced nutrition. The wet food gives your cat the meat taste they love and gives them essential hydration with natural levels of taurine and the complete kibble helps to keep your cats teeth in good condition and has all the added vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy. For dogs you can feed a complementary wet meal by itself or as a topper or mixed in with their kibble. Dogs love the taste and variety that an Applaws complementary real meat diet brings to a complete kibble diet. Complementary diets should not be the sole food so always ensure you have a good complete food such as Applaws Complete Food to balance your pets’ diet.

How can Applaws support my cats health?

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Marley loves it, she looks healthy and has lost a few excess pounds :)

- Kelly Boettcher

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