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    Some of our loyal cat and dog owners have shared some kind words about Applaws. Read what they have to say below.

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Thank you Applaws, I give you a round of applause!!

My dog would never touch any dog food in the can. Although having said that he is a picky dog. He would often go two whole days without food if I did not give him meat with fat on it...Now with Applaws he will eat the whole tin straight away he has no problem even with the vegetables considering he would pick them all out when I cooked for him. He is now a very satisfied dog and the most pickiest dog on the planet and has been a real worry up until now...thank you Applaws I give you a round of applause!!
Thank you for caring for our animals.

- Maria Hensh

Thank you Applaws for providing an affordable food that is actually good for my dogs!

My Rottweiler Lilly scratched at her ears and skin a lot and always shook her head. I washed her regularly and cleaned her ears but it never really helped. She started causing big gashes in her ears which was horrible. I did some research on dogs and skin conditions and came to the conclusion her problems was likely caused by the high grain content in her food.

So I tried Applaws and wow didn't that make a difference. In a few weeks her cuts had healed and she had completely stopped shaking and scratching. Her coat is now more beautiful than ever and we always get comments on how healthy and fit she looks.

Thank you Applaws for providing an affordable food that is actually good for my dogs!

- Amy

I’m not sure “like” is a strong enough word…how about obsessed?

After running out of our kittens usual food I decided to grab some Applaws can food at Woolworths, I didn't really pay attention to the labels as it was just meant to be a back-up until I had the chance to go to the pet store and get their normal food.

When I got home I looked at the can and I was amazed! Protein content was amazing, simple ingredients, no additives and dolphin friendly. This was everything that I had been looking for since we had gotten out kittens!
Next step was making sure my kittens liked it... well, I'm not sure "like" is a strong enough word.... how about obsessed? They now turn their nose up at their old wet food and purr like crazy when I bring out the Applaws.
I like what it's made of, my cats love the taste and you can even buy it at your local grocery store! To say I am one happy pet parent would be an understatement.

- Rhiannon

Applaws Cat Food

Jimmy Jams treasures every meal time when I serve him Applaws

My name is Lila, and I'm 13 years old. I just wanted to tell you our very beautiful and spoilt cat Jimmy Jams treasures every meal time when I serve him Applaws products. It's great to see him lick the bowl clean every time. Thank you so much for making my peckish kitty, a happy full one.

Warmest regards,
Lila and Jimmy Jams.

- Lila Gully

Marley loves it, she looks healthy and has lost a few excess pounds :)

I’ve been feeding my dog Marley, a small black female staffy, for the last 6 months on Applaws, Adult Chicken, Small and Medium Breed. Marley loves it, she looks healthy and has lost a few excess pounds :) I wanted to say thanks for producing a dry food that is actually a high meat content, instead of just fillers. Good work and Marley says thanks too!

- Kelly Boettcher

Her coat is brilliant and she is happy all the time !!

Just a quick email to let you know I am over the moon with your product. After 4 years of struggling to find a food that did not upset my Italian greyhounds somewhat delicate tummy!!! She loves the food her coat is brilliant and is happy all the time !!

Best wishes and thanks
Susan & Daisy the Italian .

- Susan van blerk

She is happier and healthier, sleeping better, moving better

12 months ago I rescued my darling "Lisa"' from abject cruelty, she was caged for 6 years, never saw sunlight, never felt wind nor rain on her face. She has cateracts and several health issues. In the month I have had my darling on your product I have noticed remarkable changes in her, from her coat, joints, overall well being. She is happier and healthier, sleeping better, moving better. So Thankyou.

- Judy Martin

Keep up the great work

A quick note to say what a great product you've put out there. My pup has been a fussy eater for a while and he goes absolutely mad for the It's All Good range of dry food. I've recommended you to friends and they've found the same with their dogs - including one with a few allergies.
Keep up the great work.

- Min

Applaws Cat Food

Thank you for making real pet food

I just wanted to say thank you for making real pet food. My two cats have been on Applaws cans/pouches for maybe a year now and recently the dry food being sold at my supermarket and I've never looked back.

It's great to see people making quality foods with real ingredients for pets. Another huge plus is that they haven't got sick in a really long time. Before I started giving them Applaws, they'd often succumb to crystals in their urine, which was horrible for them and very difficult for me to see them in so much pain, as well as the vet bills. So I may be paying a bit more than I used to on pet food but it is totally worth it and they haven't needed to see the vet in a while so really, I am saving money. And they love it!

I just felt like I needed to thank you, so thanks!

- Pia Kroner

Your tinned dog food is amazing!!!!

I just wanted to let you know that your tinned dog food is amazing!!!! our little dachshund Jazz loves it, and when you open the tin you can see why!!! you can see fish in it and chicken and veg. I hope you never stop making it and I hope Coles continues to stock it also.

- Eileen (Peggy) Vilsmas

He has never purred whilst eating anything at all EVER :)

I just discovered Applaws natural cat food at Coles yesterday and my fussiest of fussy Russian Blue cat Raffy just loves it - it's like a special treat for him and he kept pawing at the closed bag (he's never done this before so I can only assume he's now addicted - whatever you put in is working lol).
PS. He even purred whilst eating the dry food - he has never purred whilst eating anything at all EVER :)

- Ally Bauer

Applaws Cat Food

I can tell the difference in both my dogs and my cat

Good afternoon,

I never normally write anything like this, however I wanted to say THANKYOU so so much for having this food available for our pets. Its great to see that there are healthy options available and this is by far the BEST and especially without the preservatives and GMO added, I can tell the difference in both my dogs and my cat. They actually wont eat anything else. Which is good I'm happy that they are happy. Ive been looking around for quite awhile to find all natural ingredients for them and found this about 3 months ago and they cant eat it quick enough both the wet and dry food.

Again thankyou for caring about what our pets eat!

- Nicole

Applaws Cat Food

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